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BulletProof FTP Server

BPFTP Server is a powerful FTP Server for business, corporate or even home use
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14 June 2011

Editor's review

This piece of software lets you set up a FTP server.

BPFTP Server is a FTP Server for business, corporate and home use as well. This tool is fully compliant with the RFC-959 requirements and has other features too. Business to business file exchanges is made possible. You would be able to monitor FTP server activity and the traffic. Advanced IP based control of activity is also available for you. File size is not a limitation for the tool. It is possible to transfer any size file. The support for resuming at interrupted points helps with large transfers. You will be able to allow customers uploading files. Management of the user community will be facilitated by the user control and disk space management features available with this tool. Extensive statistics availability helps this activity too.

User/group management features, Windows system service support, bandwidth throttling and traffic shaping along with an event manager for external scripts and programs are other useful features available with this tool. The interface is simple and makes it easy to use the tool. It would not take much time for anyone to learn to use the tool effectively. FTP messaging support helps co-ordinate actions of the FTP server. The controls are well arranged on the toolbar. These include server on, log ins allowed, user manager, group manager, server monitor and management. On the opening screen display you get server related details. On the other side of the display you get a lot of useful statistics related to the server. New information appears on this part as controls change, the server details are always available. This is quite a handy tool.

Publisher's description

BPFTP Server is a powerful FTP Server for business, corporate or even home use. Both easy to use through a fully graphical control method and powerful with control over everything! BPFTP Server has all RFC-959 features plus many other options, such as resuming upload / download, viewing server activity in real time, ban, kick, anti hammering, ratio, quota groups management, event manager, real time statistics generator, top 10 user, virtual directories, Chat...
BulletProof FTP Server
BulletProof FTP Server
Version 2011
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User comments

I just wanted to try to steer people clear of BulletProof. We purchased their BulletProof Server which is advertised as standards compliant.

Our clients were complaining of problems with downloads being corrupted. After 2 months trying to figure out what was wrong we discovered that the problem was with the BulletProof Server and larger files.

We contacted BulletProof and they indicated their `fully standards compliant` FTP server didn`t support files larger than 2.1GB

We asked for our money back all the way up to the owner of the company. He refused the refund even though it was only $39.

Surprising that a company would be unwilling to refund such a small amount of money when they have a huge, unadvertised flaw that corrupts data in transferred files.

Just wanted to let you know that you`re really taking your chances if you use a BulletProof product.
it just works.
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